Political Reading

I just discovered this website…

Founded in 2000 by John McIntyre and Tom Bevan, Chicago-based
RealClearPolitics.com (RCP) has become one of America’s premier
independent political web sites. Updated every morning and throughout
the day, RCP culls and publishes the best commentary, news, polling
data, and links to important resources from all points of the political
compass and covering all the important issues of the day.
RealClearPolitics has become a trusted filter for anyone interested in

RCP’s political commentary, election analysis and polling averages
have been featured in national media outlets including The New York
Times, FOX News, CNN, The Economist, Investor’s Business Daily, The
Chicago Sun-Times and many, many more.

Some of today’s links:

Real Clear Politics Saturday

Obama Spends Heavily Seeking Knockout – Adam Nagourney, NY Times

A Thin Record For a Bridge Builder – David Ignatius, Washington Post

McCain and the Oath – George Will, Newsweek

The Emerging Minority – James Traub, New York Times Magazine

Buckley: What He Fought For – William Kristol, Weekly Standard

Mr. Right, R.I.P. – Evan Thomas, Newsweek

NOTE – the second link is VERY INTERESTING! (hmm, I’ve been saying this for WEEKS).

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