Stand Up

I have avoided any political talk here – well, some – but I give in., uh, STAND UP.  I have to speak out especially after the last weeks’ Obama Mania by the Media. 

This weekend I watched several women in the public eye – entertainment and journalism- speak out for Hillary – and I agree -and say AMEN, thank goodness SOMEONE is speaking out about the way the mainstream media has jumped on the Obama Wagon whole hog.

On the first SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE after the writers’ strike, Tina Fey (brilliant as usual in a rather sluggish overall show) appeared in the Weekend Update segment (her old stomping grounds) delivering a brilliant rant about the criticism against Hillary. 

Guest host and former SNL head writer Tina Fey later riffed on several common criticisms of Clinton during a monologue on the show’s comedic news broadcast “Weekend Update.”

“Maybe what bothers me the most is that people say Hillary’s a b—-. And let me say something about that. Yeah she is,” Fey said.

“B—–s get stuff done,” she added. “That’s why Catholic schools use nuns as teachers and not priests. Those nuns are mean old clams, and they sleep on cots, and they’re allowed to hit you. And at the end of the school year, you hated those b—–s, but you knew the capital of Vermont.”

Fey also took a shot at Republicans. Answering a criticism from Rush Limbaugh who had wondered if America was ready for an aging woman president, Fey said, “Really? They didn’t seem to mind when Ronald Reagan did that.”  

from CNS News


The show’s opening sketch was a mock televised CNN debate between Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Obama (D-Ill.) – portrayed by actors Amy Poehler and Fred Armisen respectively. Cast members parodying three reporters asked Clinton absurdly difficult questions while fawning over Obama.

“Like nearly everyone in the news media, the three of us are totally in the tank for Senator Obama,” said a faux Campbell Brown, introducing the debate.

“I myself have been clinically diagnosed as an Obamaniac while my associate John King just last week suffered his third Barack attack,” she added.

Later, a cast member playing Univision anchor Jorge Ramos asked Obama, “Are you mad at me?” When Obama answered in the negative, Ramos said he was relieved because “all the shilling for you in my campaign coverage has been so obvious and because I spend every night sitting in front of your house in a parked car.”

The sketch also featured a question from “an ordinary citizen chosen completely at random from the audience.” The questioner turned out to be Web sensation Obama Girl who lip-synched the chorus of her song “I’ve Got a Crush on Obama.”

from CNS News

See them on the NBC site (slightly cut) here

Then on THIS WEEK (ABC) Cokie Roberts:


“…to interview Billie Jean King this week.  And she said, “You know, I feel like everything I’ve worked for all my life is going out the window,” and there is that sense.  I mean, here is this woman who worked hard. She’s done it all the way you’re supposed to do it, and then this cute young man comes in and says a bunch of sweet, you know, nothings, and — and pushes you out of the way.  And a lot of women are looking at that and saying, “There goes my life.”


Now, how many of us can relate to that (I can unfortunately from personal experience).  Furthermore, Mrs. Roberts illustrates how Mr. Obama is NOT as collegially inclined as he wants you to think:

The truth is, is that for a Republican running against him he can put him, you know, just squarely on the left of the Democratic Party. You know, he’s got a very — very much, you know, ADA, Americans for Democratic Action approved voting record. He, unlike Hillary Clinton, oddly enough, given the rhetoric, has not reached across the aisle and worked with people in the other party to get things done, which she has done.

Then Dee Dee Myers was queried by Matt Lauer (Today) about the status of Clinton’s campaign:

Hillary Clinton’s options are limited in many ways because she’s a woman.  It’s difficult for her to get angry; it’s difficult for her to be sarcastic; when she gets tough, she sounds like a scold; and I think we have a different standard for how women, umm, can approach going negative, getting tough, and making their point than we do for men.

The public has different expectations for women, and I think the press has covered her different as a woman.  I think one of the things we’ve learned in this campaign is that the playing field still isn’t level.  I don’t think you can separate the fact that she’s a woman.  I think it’s still easier to be critical of a woman.  I think you can say almost anything about a woman, even if it’s based in gender stereotypes without much penalty, and I think we’ve seen that throughout this race.  [emphasis mine]

So, my view: 

I have been a supporter of the Clinton family since the first national races (ok, so I’m liberal.).  I was aghast as most of America was during the Lewinsky debacle – and greatly admired the manner in which both Hillary and Chelsea handled themselves during that very public humiliation.  (Did you ever think what that must have been like?  shudder). 

I have had family members bring up her failed Health Care program and other things from her husband’s terms, as reasons NOT to support her.  I believe Hillary when she admits those failures and says that she has learned from them.  I know that we all make mistakes in our lives and many of us CHANGE and move on . 

Remember that last question and her response in the Austin Debate ?  (if you haven’t seen it, you NEED to watch this).

When Hillary took the Senate seat, I watched carefully in those early days and was relieved to see her taking her place and paying her dues as a freshman senator.  Yes, you can’t get away from the “name” but with priviledge comes responsibility, and I believe she has acquitted herself honorably during her terms. 

Don’t bring up the Iraq war to me – PRACTICALLY the entire Senate and House was bamboozled on that vote as everyone knows.  Bush was going to do what he was going to do no matter what on that issue.  

For all the other issues – please see her policy statements on her website.

I believe that Hillary has the experience, the drive, the skills and abilities to be the best President she
can be – not just the best woman President or black President – but the BEST President. 


I would love for all my readers to vote for Hillary – but the BOTTOM LINE is

VOTE          VOTE          VOTE 
Support the candidate of your choice. 

Even with the seemingly pervasive interest in this campaign, the Democratic primaries were woefully under attended.   I know of many people who didn’t bother to vote – but folks, the primaries actually may be MORE important than the General Election – well, maybe not but EQUALLY so. 

You really can’t complain if you don’t show up and vote.

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