Creatures, comforting and not


One of my DAILY.NOT.TO.BE.MISSED blogs, Mrs. Blandings, today has the subject of a recent visit to her home by a tiny creature (that would be of the mouse variety).  Which reminded me of my several dealings with these as well.

See the rest of my post on this topic at my "other " blog




After posting that post I THEN looked at my big wall calendar to see that TODAY is my girls' Birthday!

Happy Birthday
my dear Cordelia and Katie!

You bring comfort and joy
into my life
and love every day!




See more of my cats at their Flickr set.

And on this really snowy cold winter day – to remind us that SPRING WILL COME (yes I Do Believe):

The Girls enjoying the backyard .


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1 Response to Creatures, comforting and not

  1. Macoco says:

    Happy birthday to the girls! I love that photo of them outside. 🙂


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