nerdie, nerdier, nerdiest

So since THE CONCERT had this on her blog, I of course had to do it…

</P I am nerdier than 87% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!>

Yikes, no wonder I worked in Corporate IT !

Oh and I guess to further prove that score – yes, I downloaded the beta 3 Firefox…. well, you know how it is, one has to have the most recent version you know!?


And listening to the CARMEN Met livecast ..on this snowy, sleeting night  Love this Opera and interesting in hearing how Ms. Borodina is – there has been much chatter about her in this role.


And the cleanup of the email boxes continues on – with less and less to deal with each day – YEAH!  But some sites have still NOT updated their addresses (sigh).

However, the fight to ward off the flu also continues – achiness started on Sunday (although I dragged myself to ROCK N ROLL – couldn’t miss THAT – thoughts on it soon ) and then today a bit of sneezing activity .. Since snow and bad weather was predicted as early as Monday , I stocked up a bit on Tuesday (after taking a relative to the airport) and was prepared for the onslaught.  We had about 3-5 inches of snow by around 1 am and then the sleety rain started and continued thru the day – its now a big mushy icey snowy mess out there… thank goodness I shoveled and got the steps and the sidewalk clear and the icesalt stuff down so that is pretty clear – but there are always those few spots of ice so will need to be careful tomorrow.

Still this winter has been practically SNOWLESS – I read that January had the least precipitation in something like 70 years in this area (Westchester)!    Not to say that I am not too upset since I am a car owner now, but I do miss the prettiness of snow and darn it, if its going to be COLD then there should be SNOW to assauge the pain!

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