Hugh Grant does Dalgliesh

This week’s BBC 7 newsletter arrived today with this interesting bit of scheduling:

Cover Her Face
Hugh Grant stars in Cover Her FaceHugh Grant stars in this 1993 adaptation of the PD James thriller, first published in 1962. Called in to investigate a murder at an Elizabethan manor house, Inspector Dalgliesh soon discovers that there is no shortage of motives. As he investigates, the complex secrets and powerful passions of village and family life come into play. Dramatised for radio by Neville Teller and directed by Matthew Walters, it also stars Sian Phillips, Beatie Edney, David Thorpe, Oona Beeson and Melanie Hudson.
Tuesday to Friday at 9am, 8pm and 1am

Now I am HUGH PD James fan – and also a big fan of Roy Marsden’s interpretation of the Inspector Dalgliesh – have all of his essays into the role that were filmed (except DEVICES AND DESIRES which is for some unknown rights reason not to be transferred and the VHS copies on EBAY sell in the triple digits sigh).

As an addicted BBC7 listener (and hoader of) I have collected several of the Robin Ellis* versions of the James’s novels… but this is a new one on me!    (*also available on

I will definitely be tuning in to Listen Again to this one!  Should be very very interesting!

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1 Response to Hugh Grant does Dalgliesh

  1. Elaine says:

    HUGH GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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