Finally an Austen we Love!

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Starting this Sunday, the Jane Austen Series on the Newly Titled Masterpiece CLASSIC! is showing the "definitive" version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

Thank goodness!  After these past few weeks of tomfoolery with the plots and subplots and what have you , it will be a delightful pleasure to luxuriate in the faithful interpretation of this production.

Although I do Love Garson and Olivier in their very flawed production – you can just sense they are straining to make some sense of it – still they are a most well matched pair as of course are our two in the photo above!

This novel is my top favorite of all of Ms. Austen's and I love them all.  I have much in common with the heroine – and more than most readers!  (can you guess?)

Its the one book I read every year and of which I never tire!


Pride and Prejudice in three parts starting Sunday Feb 10th on PBS stations (check your local listings)

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1 Response to Finally an Austen we Love!

  1. TLR says:

    Have to agree to disagree with you on the concept of the ’95 version being faithful. Can’t imagine JA ever contemplating Colin Firth in soggy britches striding around Lyme Hall. Even Andrew Davies said they “re-robed, not disrobed, Austen”.


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