cleaning up: email


A week ago I decided to clear out my inbox.  I have several email accounts – my first Internet email account (over 10 years) and then yahoo and Gmail. 

So I decided to take all the “newsletters” and merchandise offering type emails and redirect them to one of my Gmail accounts (I have one associated with my website and a personal one).  That way my main older account will be just for personal email and all the other stuff can go to the Gmail account.

Well one week later and I am STILL unsubscribing and resubscribing.  It is amazing how long some of these sites take to upgrade their email lists.

Take Martha Stewart for example.  I changed the profile last Friday and STILL am getting emails at my old address even tho the profile is update with the changed email address. Can’t quite figure that out.

Several others are the same – NEW YORK MAGAZINE, the NEW YORK TIMES also.

So the process continues – but my personal account (which I read in Outlook) is getting considerably tidier!


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