The Kindness of Strangers

 Gertrude Jekyll and Knitters!

This has been one of those weeks to feel blessed by the women  of my knitting groups.  It's such a joy to be with others as excited about knitting and crazy enough to understand the NECESSITY of buying MORE needles/yarn/books or whatever right now!

The monthly group celebrated its one year anniversary in January and it has grown to a good size of lively, intelligent, interesting and intriguing women.

Sometimes I just stop -  listen and observe the different simultaneous conversations – and witness the helping and sharing and knitting and laughing and all that goes on. 

The weekly group is also growing (a new member this past week) and also growing closer – of course with a smaller group comes more chat and sharing (its been about six months for this group). 

And I never leave a gathering without having learned something! Today A showed me how to add a bead with a crochet hook and J shared the Icord cast on method; both things I have had on a list of things to learn – and now they can be crossed off!   [Just 4236 to go!]

Of course there is the sharing of projects and books – finally drooled (almost) over one of the lovely Japanese pattern books that everyone has been raving about all over the internets – oh dear me! I see a few of those in my future! And a lovely sweater from one of them was shared by one of our very accomplished members!   (photo when I upload)

So many of the projects take my breathe away! Its always interesting to see what everyone is knitting!  We have several designers who take my breathe away with their exquisite projects – one a lace expert meeting.

We were joined this week by a knitter who found us on Ravelry  – I admire her courage in venturing forth to the unknown – – of course she is lovely and is a great addition amongst us. And another lovely knitter showed up at the monthly meeting by way of the announcement on our host’s board.

Doors and windows opening…

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