I am THRILLED to see on the Masterpiece Theatre schedule the CRANFORD series shown last fall in England…. on of my fav bloggers Random Jottings  wrote about its airing on her blog (BTW a very Highly entertaining blog – full of Opera and Book reviews and, recently Knitting!). 


Cranford is one of my favourite Mrs Gaskell books and the first one I read.  I am re-reading it at the moment and have a delightful little World Classics version which pops into my bag nicely.  I am being enchanted all over again with Miss Matty who is being played in this production by the peerless dame Judi Dench who I love.  Her elder sister is played by Eileen Atkins and I also spotted Imelda Staunton and Julia Mackenzie in the cast list and the new young doctor played by the same actor who played Bingley in the latest film version of Pride and Prejudice and then next week we seem to have Sir Michael Gambon making an appearance….and I could go on and on.  We appear to have the Who's Who of the theatrical world and his dog in this production with three cast members of Gosford Park appearing as well.  I felt as if I was sitting watching the preparation of a gourmet meal containing only the finest ingredients accompanied by the finest choices of wine.

I am not sure yet if I am going to read the books first… as its not airing til May here, I have a little time ;o

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