Happy New Year!

Snowfall_021um, well, a few days late! 

I was in the Deep South with only Dialup (you really DO NOT want to know how slow that is anymore)  so missed a lot of blogging time over the holidays.  And REALLY missed reading blogs – but finally convinced Mater to get the fiber optic network connection from her phone company – so future visits will be much less painful!

Lots of knitting was done but mainly on the Christmas Stocking – its now about 60% done and for my FIRST major color/stranded work I am pretty pleased…. photos tomorrow.  It was quite addictive and once I had found an alphabet and charted the name (and its a long one) it is now moving fairly quickly.  It’s been quite an interesting experience for me – and feel more confident on a Fair Isle Cardigan for a future WIP for me. 

Speaking of addictive – I am finding color work really fascinating – I would love to paint and never learned so this is the closest I have ever come – and its really satisfying – especially knitting a tube (the stocking shape) and not worrying about shaping (although that is coming with the toe) Also really love the Jamieson and Smith Shetland Jumper Yarn (from Schoolhouse Press).  Gauge doesn’t matter on this – i am a loose knitter usually but have been working on my tension with this. Good news – my stranding is really getting better! (And several at Knitting Group today commented too – which made me feel very proud).  More about this anon.

I am already dreaming of my next color project – can’t wait!

As for the Christmas knitting, did I get everything done?  NO but did get the West Coast packages done and off in time (430 pm on Sat Dec 22nd!) to be delivered – well, at least Christmas Week (and the recipients were kind about that) and, well, the rest got the “here’s the photo and the yarn and the project will come soon, I promise” .

So starting the New Year with three projects/presents in the hole and of course, now I have a Sister’s B day (this FRIDAY) and two nephews (19th and 20th) LOOMING – sigh,  I really am going to rethink next year – with Channukah and Christmas and then these three b-days all together I think another strategy will need to be put in place or I really MUST start MUCH earlier than two weeks before!. 

Aran Blanket_013As it is, the Sister’s b-day present (Central Park Hoodie) is also her Channukah/Christmas present (its a mixed marriage) and the 19th Jan Nephew’s b-day present is 95% done – the Aran Blanket in my Ravelry project list and to the right there- and the 20th Nephew’s birthday present will be a Tomtem (by EZ) which needs one sleeve half to be finished and the other done and then the edging.  His Christmas Stocking may be done in time but if not – it will be done when its done and he can’t use it til next year anyway (oh sigh). 

After that are three sweaters for the three nephews – the frogged guernsey/Ganseys – but I have decided (hopefully the last time!) on the Snowflake Sweater from the Falick/Nicholas Baby Book …for the two brothers in two shades of blue.  As for the third one… I may just do a seamless Raglan from EZ and not complicate my life anymore!

Promise to catch up with lots of news and PHOTOS of FINISHED OBJECTS!!!!   Until then Ravelers can check some of them out here 

Ok Some eye candy for all

Lucien's Hat_20071223_006  Drink Cozies_20071222_002  Victor's DIckey_20071222_002 Salsa Pillow_20071222_010 

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1 Response to Happy New Year!

  1. kate says:

    Happy New Year – I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your knitting projects. For someone who knits scarves, I am impressed with the variety of knitting you do.
    This is my first visit to your blog – I’ll be back!!


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