the knitting elf’s progress

Snowfall_009Remember The Pilgrims’ Progress?  Well, that’s how I feel – so much knitting is going on chez connemara (that’s the name of our house!) Since last Monday I have been knitting, knitting, knitting, knitting.  We are in the home stretch truly – there were a few aborted projects last week – most of Tue and Wed night’s knitting was frogged – on Thursday I regrouped and got myself sorted out as to who and what and what yarn etc.  Monday I had gone to Michael’s for a stash of Patons Classic Wool and then on Wed I ordered a bunch of Brown Sheep Lambs Pride from a great e bay store – Oregon Trail Yarn (she is VERY nice and helpful and has good prices).  So once I sorted myself out and made my list…

well I am ok until I search the patterns at Ravelry – but even though I have changed some items a few times since last week – am happy with the choices – and add my praises to the creators of Ravelry – Bravi!

So its been All Knitting All The Time at Chez Connemarra – and the weather has helped – it was REALLY YUCKY on Sunday – just the best weather to stay in – sleety icy rain/snow mush fell most of the day – then Monday was REALLLLLY very windy and that helped too.  Today was still cold – actually moved the car from one parking spot to another to make sure it wasn’t frozen in place – on Sunday in a lull I scrapped and pushed off all the ice/snow (4 inches) that covered the car – this is my second Northern winter with a car and NO garage or driveway (sigh).  anyway, the weather has helped to contribute to knitting-all-the-time.

The first project took a bit longer than I had hoped but the second one went much faster and should be able to do the third one tonight – its about 30% done…. of course knitting to TV , some mindless, some not.

Snowfall_006Have actually caught up on my netflix dvds (rebus set 2) and sent them back today and pray that the next three (the first set of Inspector Alleyn) come REALLY SOON.  Watched all of last week’s GH (yes I do) and am holding off on Mon and Tues eps for later tonight or maybe tomorrow night – the storyline is a bit mysterious and want to watch several in a row to catch the arc.  Caught up on all last week’s Gilmore Girls and Monday too.  Now have started in on my old VHS tapes of Inspector Morse eps  on which I am discovering there are other interesting items too  – to wit last night after watching TWILIGHT OF THE GODS I found the next item was EYEWITNESS (Hurt/Weaver)  [love him but didn't feel like watching it] , then the very LAST episode of Spenser For Hire (loved that series – still NOT available on DVD at this time) and then a funny odd episode of Remington Steele (loved both of them)…. funny what I taped in those days – must be the mid 90s!   Tonight will continue with the Inspector Morse tapes (and see what other goodies are on them) as tonight’s TCM selection is really boring as far as I am concerned although there is an NCIS that I don’t remember seeing before …and still have the last three eps of DAMAGES where ALL is revealed.

Anyway, here is the list of knitting   … well actually I can’t post the list cause its all for family and friends and some of them (i think) read this blog .  So instead a list of destinations, giftee and status

Current Holiday Knitting

Sister –  DONE Need to wrap and mail (wed)

New Mexico
Sister – DONE 
Sister and BinLaw – started about 30% done – to work on tonight
BinLaw – not started – to start tonight and finish tomorrow
Laignappe (small item) – not started – to do tomorrow or on a break tonight as its a very quick project

New York 
Eldest Nephew’s Blanket (Channukah) – Need to measure and then determine how much more to knit (we are talking a few inches here) and then soak and block – due date is Saturday   (This was started several years ago, most of the knitting is done)

Youngest Nephew Birthday – Snowflake Sweater was the original item but NO WAY that will be done by Sunday morning (we are celebrating at a brunch since he was born at 11 am last year)…so may whip up a little hat for something to give and do the sweater later (luckily he is too young to know from presents being his first birthday)

Louisiana (These are being carried in my luggage so their due date is Dec 24th eve or later)
Sister - not started, pattern chosen, yarn at hand – to start after the above are done.
BinLaw – not started, pattern chosen, yarn at hand – to start after the above are done.
Nephew – one big item – needs sleeves finished and buttonband and buttons (80%)
Nephew – MS Christmas stocking – yarn and pattern at hand – not started.
Mother – Two items – one will be done by Christmas, the other will be in progress and completed during visit after Christmas.
Other folks – two hats for men, one hat for woman – can do while there .

All are in my Project list in Ravelry….some have photos some not (can’t promise when)

Now, my rice pilaf is ready and I will have that with the sausages cooked last night and a new pot of tea and  ….knitting and tv..



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