Update part one

Some photos of current FOs and WIPs– an update soon (promise!)

FO Moderne Log Cabin Blanket (Mason-Dixon)

2007_12_01 Sebs Blanket_006

List of WIPs

1 Butterscotch Gansey
Elizabeth Lovick’s Jess’s Gansey pattern – my adaptation for a four year old boy
Who:  Village Nephew #1
Status:   Up to the shoulders but need to rip back as I didn’t do steeks and now have measurements of armhole to hip and can do them.


2.  Meg Swansen’s Eli’s Christmas Stocking
Who: Berkshire nephew
Status: waiting for yarn to arrive from Schoolhouse Press

3. Salsa Hat  (Nanette Blanchard’s Pattern)
Who: WIP in progress for DEC 10th birthday (YIKES) for Brother-in-law
:Half done as of this morning–other half tonight-overnight for Monday delivery, shipping on Friday – will it dry ? fingers crossed)

4. Sofa Bolster Pillow 
My adaptation of the Salsa Hat and a Navajo pattern from the newly gifted Kristen Knits book for a bolster pillow.
Who:  Christmas present for TBA 
Status: Edging and first panel done – started on main central panel

5. Blue Gansey 
Elizabeth Lovick’s Jess’s Gansey pattern – my adaptation for a soon to be six year old boy
Who:  Berkshire Nephew in a different color yarn (Brilliant Blue Elann Peruvian Highland Wool)
Status: Up to the armhole (in the round)

6.  Nordic Cardigan/Nordic Snowflake Pullover
From Heirloom Knits for Babies 
Who:  Village Nephew 2 (brother of the Butterscotch Gansey).
Status: Need Measurements!

7.  Other Christmas presents TBD
Status: Need to decide rest of list and itemsTHIS WEEKEND.  
Have been perusing Ravelry and adding patterns to my queue.  COLOR seems to be my idee fixe this year; maybe its the long dark cold days – already Dec is colder than last year, we have had TWO snow falls this week– anyway, I have been wanting to move to more color knitting and something has CLICKED and away I go. 

So lots of ideas – need to nail down my list (four sisters and mother and friends oh my!) and figure out what yarn I have and need. 

BTW KRISTIN KNITS is a FABULOUS book for shaking you out of monochrome doldrums – tons of gorgeously hued projects and lots lots lots of ideas!  That Fair Isle Cardigan is DEFINITEY a must knit for me in the New Year.

Ok off to run errands for the visiting Family Member and then on to Weekly Knitting Group.




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