Knitting at the Post Office

Post Offices Stage “Knit-In,” Celebrate Knitting Revolution

Image of Holiday Knits stamps

WASHINGTON, DC — Knit One. Mail, too.

Today’s knitters are not all grannies in rocking chairs. Knitting is enjoying a surge of popularity among the young and hip. There is a very active knitting blog community, and yarn stores are as much a social scene as they are commodity shops.

And today’s U.S. Postal Service is not your grandfather’s Post Office.

In the time it takes to download a tune or video on an iPod, customers can print shipping labels, design personalized holiday greeting cards and make custom stamps — all from the convenience of their home, office or favorite internet café. Today’s holidays need today’s mail.

To mark the knitting revolution and the value of today’s mail, this week the Postal Service is calling all knitters. Armed with balls of yarn and a few good needles, participating Post Offices nationwide will open their doors for a “knit in,” mirroring the popular knit-in-public events taking the country by storm. In addition to knitting demonstrations, sweaters, scarves and other items knitted or collected from events can be donated and mailed to local charities, shelters and hospitals.

“Mailing that knitted gift is easy with one-size-fits-all Flat-Rate Boxes, the ultimate gift box for sending warm greetings to friends and family over the holidays,” said Anita Bizzotto, USPS chief marketing officer.“If it fits, it ships.”


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