Red So(x)cks

I guess I will have to get out my DPs and make some Red SOCKS …   [11-2 yahoo!]  if I can tear myself away from the v neck aran cardigan.  Here is the progress from last night (prior to Sat there were about 2 inches)

This is the front

and here is the back

i added the center panel with the two braids next to it to EZ's pattern (its the V Neck Aran Cardigan in The Opinionated Knitter).

Knitting in the round with a center steek. 

well at least its red!

and UH OH  these words are too delicious!

Welcome to the official website for Evelyn A. Clark's designs.

go see – and I dare you to just buy one!

and here's a cute cat phot (and no I didn't get her to pose!)

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1 Response to Red So(x)cks

  1. Macoco says:

    Your cardigan looks so pretty. And I checked out the designs page and they are beautiful!
    Go sox!


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