“I left my heart in” … Boston

Drew Powers Red Sox Into Decisive Game 7
News from The Associated Press.
AP Photo
BOSTON (AP) – From the brink of elimination and the depths of a yearlong slump, J.D. Drew helped the Boston Red Sox force a Game 7. The struggling Red Sox right fielder hit a grand slam and drove in five runs and, behind yet another postseason gem from Curt Schilling, Boston battered the Cleveland Indians 12-2 Saturday night to tie the AL championship series at three games apiece. “We needed tonight’s game, we needed a good performance for Schilling,” Drew said. “We got that, now we’re going to play in Game 7.”

I spent the evening watching the Red Sox hammer the Indians and listening to the Live webcast of Christoph von Dohanyi (formerly of the Cleveland Orchestra) lead the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Beethoven, the Piano Concerto #3 with Lars Vogt and then Sym #5  The BSO program commentator let on after intermission that the Sox were winning.  …. Sunday night will be very interesting – the Red Sox outscored the Indians in the last two games and obviously with Home Team advantage emotions will be running high.

Interestingly enough I was planning a move to Boston a few years ago but instead moved to the Hudson River Valley and it still is the top of the list as the area to which I would move as I continue my way up the Northeast coast.  I actually have family on the East shore – my uncle Andre Dubus’s four children all live around and about the northeast shore above Boston.  I remember driving along the coast from Newburyport down to Logan after his funeral and loving the coastal scenery.  I took tons of photos of places … i need to scan them in to digital (inherited one of those scanner/copier/faxer/printers so maybe some day….while listening to the Ring ?)

And after a VERY muggy and rainy Friday after another week of abnormal highs we had at least closer to normal temps today – in the 60s with nice low humidity – but its supposed to be 75 on Monday – WTF?  sigh – where is FALL!?  That photo was taken last Saturday from the terrace at KYKUIT – the Rockefeller home along the Hudson – more about that anon.

Actually my camellias think its fall – which is very strange as I ordered a split of some Fall and some Spring bloomers – but probably this extended warm weather has really screwed them up – ALL of them are COVERED with BUDS… the White SNOW DAWN was the first to bloom this week – the others are just starting to open up… Click on the photos for more.

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