IMG_4769i cast off on the Hemlock Ring blanket late Tues night or rather early Wed morning and when i woke up and spread it out – well, its a bell not a ring   no amount of pushing or pulling or anything will make this thing lay flat – and it certainly wont look like the original.

maybe i will post photos later but = see i had used a size 7 60" after knitting most of the center and sides on 10 and 9 – and even tho i knit loosely – well, its never gonna lay flat (remember is WOOL EASE and that acrylic has no memory).  i was so intent on finishing this in a WEEK and delivering it to the nephew … you know, haste makes  – whatever..

so sigh and a few other choice words. so today i ran to the lys and purchased three sizes in large size 60" needles   but its going on the back burner cause the new priority is my rhinebeck sweater.

More on that later … now to go and SWATCH (yes especially in time crunch knitting) for the sweater and there is an old Irene Dunne movie (well, they are all old) new to me – and of course my soap (two eps).

IIMG_4625n other news – its trying to turn cooler and maybe even cold by the weekend – its only in the 60s right now but with LOTS of humidity from the rain which we DESPERATELY needed – in the last day we got about one inch – more than the last MONTH !

And more rain in the next few days – praise be!  so 86 (record) on Monday and 70s Tues and Wed… maybe we will see the 50s this weekend like they are predicting – its all coming from Canada – so friends send it down!  we want nice chilly weather for rhinebeck!

And a visiting relative means no knitting group for me today – but a trip to the city and dinner and the New York Philharmonic (all Tchaikovsky program!).

More also on the sweet time i had with my three 1/2 yo nephew today – what a great age – he is so smart and adorable – and yes i am very biased.

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  1. Girl 3 says:

    Doing some research I stumbled across this link, which looked yummy. Thought you might like it.
    Love from LA.


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