Don’t forget – RING continues today

Christian Thielemann conducting SIEGFRIED  9:55 am EDT (see Operacast website for streaming) 

with American born Stephen Gould as Siegfried (2nd year in role) 

BTW has anyone else noticed that there are NO photos on the Bayreuth Festival website this year?  Last year they did.  hmmm….

Siegfried   Stephen Gould 
Mime  Gerhard Siegel
Der Wanderer  Albert Dohmen
Alberich  Andrew Shore
Fafner  Hans-Peter König
Erda  Mihoko Fujimura
Brünnhilde  Linda Watson
Stimme des
Waldvogels  Robin Johannsen

Dirigent   Christian Thielemann
Inszenierung  Tankred Dorst
Bühnenbild  Frank Philipp Schlößmann
Kostüme  Bernd Ernst Skodzig

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