adventures with shawls

below is the current state of the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl (Sivia Harding) – well actually last night – tonight i made much more progress – am actually at row 160 (of what 180?)  see how the border is growing at the bottom along the needles

SGS 072307_005

and here is a closeup of the center panel – sorry about the darkness, uhm it was night time.

SGS 072307_006       SGS 072307_007

so what is the big adventure with this shawl?  well see above – that is the yarn I have left.   Yes two skeins. 

Its Rowan True 4 ply Botany (why was it called TRUE?). The color is Nettle or 551H lot 16J6. And of course its discontinued.  The irony about this shawl is that I have had this yarn for – oh about 10 years probably – and have started about three different, or maybe more, projects with it – none of which suited it – so NOW when I have a project that is swimming along – really I started this shawl sometime during the first or second week of July – and now to face the tension filled hours as the rows get longer and longer and the skein winds down – will she make it… will there be enough… if you have ever been here you know the feeling.  

SGS 072307_003Google reports NONE, [that’s a pretty amazing search to see – not 12934864098097 hits but 0].  I even went to Rowan and found out that the 4 Ply Soft is the  replacement yarn – but the only greens don’t even look close – its hard to tell in those photos but its not as dark as those and not as light as the one on the left there.

oh well, exciting knitting – that’s what we all need right?

Actually I had to rip an entire pattern row tonight due to the shenanigans and twists and turns in DAMAGES – the new Glenn Close tv show that premiered on FX.  Really interesting plot and characters – that Rose Byrne is an actress to watch and boy does Ted Danson look good – that silver hair makes him look younger!

Its garnered lots of rave reviews  i agree with this one: “a legal thriller with heft.” Tim Goodman, SF Chronicle. You can catch it again a few times this week – including tonight.  I highly recommend it.

To close our shawl adventures, here is the Mystery Stole 3 last night – but today sadly its all gone after I realized I didn’t have enough yarn – so now to shop the stash and see what I can find.

MS3 072307_001

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1 Response to adventures with shawls

  1. Macoco says:

    I hope you have enough yarn for that shawl! I would be so nervous.


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