Late July update

Garden 072207_028

I have been posting lots of photos of the garden – but at FLICKR – so click on the FLICKR box on the side bar on the right and catch up to some of the latest growth and flowerings.

IMG_3400  IMG_3405

This week – lilies are starting to bloom, the buddelia finally budded and the dwarf blue bush started blooming, the pink bush is dragging behind.  Roses are budding and blooming (need to feed!).  Monarda and the Delphiniums are making a WONDERFUL showing this year… more photos at FLICKR.

IMG_3399 IMG_3422

The groundhog attacked again – eating all the leaves of the echinacea and the few buds that had survived – i have cut them all down and will be pulling them at some point when i can stand it.  Mr GH also demolished the reviving hollyhocks and they too will be coming out – I AM SO PISSED about them the most.  Also either Mr. GH or the raccoons have gotten at the Joe Pye Weed and ate all the leaves – i cut it back and hopefully it will come back sometime.  Also ate most of the COSMOS one night – so I pulled most of them out and went to the local nursery (where they were having a two flat for one sale) and got a flat each of dwarf and regular snapdragons to plant in place of the cosmos.  Also picked up a few more perennials – some Russian Sage and Veronica to fill in the blue bed. In front of the huge Lobelia and salvias.

Unfortunately Mr GH has dug a hole in the very back corner of the right side of the yard; and that means a trip to HD to get rocks and bricks to close up the hole.  He managed to push all the dirt up around the camellias… sigh that is going to be a pain to work in the tight quarters back there.

Garden 072207_014 Garden 072207_015


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