shawl knitting update

Its the dog days of July and late at night and into the early morning cooler hours, I have been working daily (or almost) on the Shetland Garden Farose Shawl of Sivia Harding.

Here is where we stood on 13 July… this is in the middle of the second big side chart and working thru the middle section… i think these photos are in the 80s number of rows.

First the whole shawl (yup, lace, yup a pile)


Now a little of the center section (stretched a bit to see the design)


And here are my charts arranged on a music stand that sits next to my sofa


Last night I finished the 6–7 st st rows and started the large border pattern – but i had to rip out once because the number of repeats didn’t come out. And then I ended up with extra stitches which i just doubled up to make the pattern repeats work out and then after about four rows the last pattern repeat is not working out. 

so dang and blast, i guess at knitting group tonight i will have to rip again and try to figure out where the count went off – i guess i can just add up all the stitches and go back to the last st st row and increase or decrease to fit the pattern – i still can’t figure out since the rest of the charts were working out fine.

maybe there is errata?  i bought the pattern just recently from the website so i assumed it would be fine. 

hmmm.  well have to see.

in other news, i am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the BEE FIELDS Shawl pattern from Wooly Wonka Fibers.  Just a reminder of it in its gorgeousness. 


the cats trying to stay cool…


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