A great day for men’s tennis

Eddie Keogh/Reuters – Federer’s victory was the first five-set match of his five-year reign at Wimbledon and the first of any of his major-championship finals

What a FABULOUS match that was! Incredible tennis played by the top two men in the world. Not a moment’s peace during that match! As much as I wanted Mr. Federer to win, I was most impressed by Mr. Nadal. Especially after the grueling week he had… not as easy as Mr. Federer’s. It was a privilege to watch them make history.

Pool photo by Alex Livesey – Roger Federer reacts after defeating Rafael Nadal in five sets.

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1 Response to A great day for men’s tennis

  1. eusebius says:

    Woohoo! I love both players and this is developing into one of the great rivalries of the Open era. Didn’t get to see the match though (snif) – hope it gets rerun during a rain delay next year. What? Rain at Wimbledon? Never! 😉


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