we had a ‘little’ snow

see what nice Mother Nature dropped on us on Friday…. almost a foot of snow in that yard.  my poor dwarf english boxwood ARE dwarfed in this photo – hopefully they will be ok! 

Mar 17 2007 003

Weather prediction for today/tonight is 40s and RAIN/SNOW showers… but its not 50s until Thursday so we will be seeing that snow for awhile.  It was interesting going out to the bird feeder to fill it – the snow came up to the top of my heavyduty snow boots!

in knitting news… i am nearing the end of the Back of the Aran sweater – its been a really crazy three weeks with a visiting relative in town – lots of nights out and day time events – and family outings – so my knitting has suffered due to sheer exhaustion. 

But as I near the point of finishing the back (about 8 rows) I am questioning whether I want a sweater – and am instead thinking of making a cardigan out of this pattern…. I may need to lengthen the back but I can leave the back undone at this point and figure out the patterns for the front – of course that means making two fronts as I am not going to rip this back up AGAIN and start over with steeks – and anyway, the considered opinion is that arans do better with seams due to the weight of the cables.

so to further complicate this sweater’s completion … on the other hand….doing the front would be easy as i have the patterns memorized – I wonder if I am just playing with the design cause I am dreading the thought of all that knitting when its getting warmer (well, not really but in a month maybe?) and I will be finishing this just in time to put it away for the summer – sigh.

Lace Styleso I could just leave it to next fall and add it to my always large group of UFOs or just plug ahead and do it – or rip it out and use the yarn on one of the other new patterns I found in LACE STYLE that I am just in love with – the Katherine Hepburn cardigan and the cover sweater (left photo) which I was thinking of in that Classic Elite Inca Alpaca Rio Red…. and I have some gorgeous Berocco Alpaca in a deep purple for the KH Cardigan. 

And least we forget the fair isle project of January –  the Fair Isle Fireman Sweater and a shawl (Flower Basket) which I started for a birthday present – and… the socks for the SOCK MADNESS competition which i have NOT EVEN started.

ok. my  head hurts.  I am going to practice the piano.

Tomorrow is another day (I heart Scarlett)


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