Mar 16 2007 015

Thursday it hit 67 degrees in the NYC metro area – today it dipped to the 20s with wind chills int he teens.  The snow and ice ground cover had FINALLY melted over the last four days of warmer temperatures.

* sigh *

That photo is at 630 pm today   –  and precipitaion of some sort is still coming down!  There was NO snow on the ground last night – just a lot of rain as I drove home from the HELENA opening night.  I awoke around 6 and saw the snow falling in big huge clumps – that soft wet snow – but now its a sleeting snow mix and its supposed to turn back to snow by the morning – we may have up to 8 inches by the midday!  Of course there is about that much in my little backyard now!

Mar 16 2007 004But at least my firend the cardinal is happy!   He loves to hang out in the backyard – sometimes his mate joins him and sometimes the male from the other pair does too but lately I have been seeing him alone at the feeder or just perched around the back of the yard   Especially during the storm when the squirrels are NOWHERE to be seen.

Its been a very busy week – Starting Sunday with THE VERTICAL HOUR’s last performance (briefly Nighy was great and Moore was find) and then a Wed matinee of JOURNEY’S END (devastatingly heart and gut wrenching and fabulously acted by a great ensemble – I am a little biased as a friend is in the cast) and then the Prima of HELENA at the MET Thursday night. 

In between all of that was a trip in and back to the city on Tuesday to take a relative to Penn Station and lots of practicing and a lesson and a haircut at a new place (always an ORDEAL for us long haired gals but even more so the first time with a new stylist) and chores (cats’ litter boxes don’t clean themselves – or maybe they do?) and a meeting with a financial adviser (although a good thing still stressful)..

Mar 16 2007 013Add to that lots of driving back and forth and figuring out the most convenient parking lot for the performing arts venue or restaurant (visiting relative prefers the car to the train and pays the parking fees so its fine by me – but its been a lot of driving intoi and around the city for this one-month-old car owner).

So this morning when the snow was falling so heavily and kept it up, I was glad of an excuse to hole up – for some down time – a little LAWnORDER watching (love that dearly departed Jerry Orbach) and lots of practicing (Bach, Chopin and a new Beethoven sonata – yum!) and catching up on my blog reading,  And now for a little knitting to round the day off and the taped pilot of RAINES (the new Goldblum show – can’t tell from the ads whether its going to be any good or not).

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