Prima of HELENA

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  • Diana Damrau STOLE the opera IMHO. Fabulous acting, singing and movement – a committed incredible performance.   And she is on stage the entire opera including lying on the downstage left apron during the first half of the second act.
  • Ms Voigt looked fabulous and moved well – the Second Act opening aria was very well done and she sounded in great voice throughout – ringing clarion in the upper register and convincing acting throughout the evening..
  • Torsten Kerl, was replaced after Act One by Michael Hendrick which explained his behavior in the first act – he looked VERY uncomfortable and was holding back for most of the act – at some points barely heard above the orchestra. The replacement acquitted himself well.
  • NOT a fan of the set design –  although I don’t mind modern designs such as the ONEGIN sets or the TRISTAN ones – this just seemed to me as so much quasi DALI borrowed imagery – for me, it didn’t FIT what I heard in the music or the story line.  And I found it DISTRACTING from the music and the singing – and really folks, that is what I go to the opera for FIRST (and second and third and…)! 
  • Luisi and the Met Orchestra were splendid in the lush orchestration. (Can’t wait to hear the score again).  A difficult score which of course the Met Orch played beautifully – and it was heartening to see so many of the members staying to applaud the singers.
  • The audience was enthusiastic at the one curtain call (at the end) with some fairly vociferous boos for the director and his team (surprise surprise) who appeared to be laughing at them.

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