life moves forward

So from two weeks ago making a call to my former teacher to last night playing in the biweekly performance class – my head is spinning!   More on the events of the last two weeks at my music blog (see sidebar)

Tomorrow is DIE MEISTERSINGER.  Six GLORIOUS hours of Wagner with Levine at the helm and Morris essaying his glorious rendition of Hans Sachs … if I were Eva I would have a VERY hard time choosing between Walter and Sachs!

More performing arts events this week:

Sunday – the very last performance of THE VERTICAL HOUR.

Wednesday – JOURNEY”S END and then dinner after with Boyd Gaines (a friend of the family)

Thursday – the Prima of DIE AGYPTISCHE HELENA

(can you tell a generous relative is in town?)


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1 Response to life moves forward

  1. Die Meistersinger – o what bliss. It is being broadcast live over here and I have already circled it round in my radio and TV magazine. I will probably not be able to listen to all of it but am going to catch as much as I can. I am awaiting the day when Bryn Terfel sings Hans Sachs, I will be there though he will have a job to beat a wonderful Brit singer, Norman bailey who I saw do it in an unforgettable performance many moons ago now at the Coliseum in London. Reginald Goodall conducting and it was on Midsummers Eve too. Oh have a great time but I know you will.


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