Feb 26 2007 008the scoop on various things:

  1. visiting relative in town (of the mother species) is great but means lots of scheduled activities.  No complaints as this also means attending lovely concerts and nice restaurants (a treat for this money challenged time). 
  2. getting used to the car and learning where things are to drive to… such as K-MART (big trip monday with the mom to stock up for her apt and i netted some great plastic bins to reorganize my food stuffs so those stupid pesky meal moths won’t ever infest again! and i can see what i have etc)  We drove into the city (as in NYC) on Sunday and parked at a garage i was not that happy with but when we checked out the $30 bill was reduced to $17 because we had gone to an event at Carnegie Hall – I will definitely be using that parking garage again – in fact tomorrow.
  3. had a lot of fun (yeah! right!) shoveling snow off the car last Monday in the last snow storm of February and then shoveling a spot for my car and then shoveling the sidewalk etc. but I got a good spot right opposite the house for a few days and so it was worth it.
  4. you know its actually really great to have a car and be able to run errands – on Saturday, for example, was able to stock up on my daily tea and get the size needles i need and get nice ham all in the same little village (up the road in case you are wondering) and I even found a parking spot on the main street too!
  5. Feb 26 2007 020



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