I BOUGHT a car on Friday – for the first time in oh well, since college and that wasnt a few years ago. Of course living in Manhattan and Brooklyn NO CAR unless you have lots of $$$ to throw away on parking .

Its a VERY USED car – a 1998 Honda Civic LX sedan with a bunch of scratches and a huge side swipe on the back left fender. But it runs nicely and with 119000 miles its not too bad.  The plan is to buy the Village Sister’s 2001 Saturn in a year or so when she upgrades (two boys you know) and then give this one to her nanny. 

So the whole story later . on the way to pick it up after a few days at Mel’s Auto Beauty Shop.

ok here are the before “treatment” photos:  (be gentle) and you can see the lingering after effects of the snow and the frigid weather – that’s SOLID ICE not snow that its parked on.

Feb 18 2007 013

Feb 18 2007 019

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