a respite

a cardinal appears – is it the newly filled bird feeder or the temperature? 

Feb 20 2007 003

Feb 20 2007 006

while even cats want to venture forth…

Feb 20 2007 005

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1 Response to a respite

  1. Will says:

    Fritz has cardinals, mostly male but sometimes a female, who attack the windows of his house all through the winter. They seem to remain in the severest weather, wintering over and looking spectacular on snow-covered hemlock branches.
    The attacks has gone on for as long as I’ve known him (ten years) and before. It involves a flight right into the window, and a feet-first impact. Some, but not all. of the bitds flutter down to the window sill and then fly back to the branch they use as base camp, with another strike following within seconds. This may go on for twenty, even thirty minutes and involve several windows on two sides of the house. Obviously, several generations of birds are involved.
    Each bird attacks differently. One male sat on the stem of a big trumpet vine that came within three inches of one window and peered in intently scanning the room, then he retreated to a branch that was further off and began his attack. Some don’t flutter down to the sill, but rebound off the glass, regain air speed and go directly gack to their branch of choice.
    Have you ever heard f anything like this? They come to feed and then attack the house that fed them!


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