Dyelots and Lighting

Feb snow 010Good lighing is essential for good knitting results – we all know that!  And paying attention to dyelots as in all the same is a golden rule of knitting too. 

Well, I learned my lesson but GOOD with dyelots and good lighting (or the lack thereof) last night!

Ever notice that RIPPING is R.I.P.?  That is ALL too painfully obvious to me after last night’s discovery.  Read on for the sad story.

Remember the Aran I am working on – Kathy Zimmermanns OLD FRIEND (its at the Interweave Knits website) – so on Friday night I finished the back and I was SO proud cause I had ripped back from the shoulder edge and reknitted it so that the rows would work out with a closed cable at the shoulders.  I was so happy with it.  And merrily started the front (same as back except a little neck difference)

Then last night a knitting friend came over and we knit, and talked and ate and daink – we had a grand time.  Halfway thru the evening, I pulled out my freshly completed back to show her – I was SO proud – and, well, see the photo below for the sad discovery:

Feb snow 001

see it… the DARK BAND across the middle  – ARGH.ARCH.UGH – I couldn’t believe it – thank goodness for a friend being there – I needed some one to help me thru the grief!

So out come the ball bands – and wouldn’t you know it – there were FIVE alike and ONE different lot – I cant even imagine how that one got there -as they were from the exact same purchase at Smiley’s a few years ago (you know bags of 5 for sale).   This is Patons Classic Merino Wool…. Blue Storm.

I have never seen such a difference between dye lots – its almost another SHADE!

Now why didn’t I see it before last night?  The Chandelier in the middle of the room had just been fixed about two weeks ago – and most of the knitting is done at night with that light off, its a very dark room (see the dark blue walls) and the lamps have CFL bulbs so unless I turn on the chandelier (its a small one but has real light bulbs) there is not really good general light.  So I hadn’t looked at it with that on nor had I taken it outside… nor did I suspect there was that stray dye lot.

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me!

Never again will I use a skein/ball without checking the dyelot!  No more Mindless Knitting! Argh.

So after a bit of back and forth of discussion – I realized I would NEVER wear it – even if it is on the back – I ripped the entire thing and the front (only 10 rows) and at 2 in the morning wound all the yarn into nice little balls with my yarn winder.


That offending Dye Lot ball has been SEGREGATED to its OWN bag never to meet the other balls again. 

And then I debated about abandoning that sweater entirely – that was the SECOND start as it was – and pulled out all my Alice Starmore books – and looked at St. Brigid and Irish Moss and Na Craga and a few others.  By then I was so tired and too annoyed at myself to think straight. so off to bed.Feb snow 003

Today well, I don’t feel any better about the loss – but I am thinking I am going to start ONE MORE TIME – three’s the charm so they say – I do like the patterns and the only other sweater I really wanted to do was Cromarty which is similar.  I may swatch for it tonight anyway……. it is a beautiful design and different enough from this one.

so now I have 10 skeins of one dye lot (I CHECKED EVERY ONE) and then five of one dye lot and the offending one dye lot.  We figured out that it was about 2.5 skeins for the back so with five and then maybe a skein each for arms – thats aobut 7 skeins total – I will be fine with the same dye lot of the newer yarn.

As for the five – well, Berkshire sister requested sweaters for Berkshire nephew -so guess what yarn will be used?

off to grocery shop for Village Sister (the one with the newborn and toddler) in my new VERY USED car.

more on THAT experience later (it took ALL Friday).

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5 Responses to Dyelots and Lighting

  1. Wow. I wouldn’t have had the strength to do that. And such nice knitting, too. A real shame.


  2. carrie says:

    Ack! Ack! I don’t know if I would have the strength either. Though I just knit the first 2 inches of a sock four times. And then ripped it out anyway. Grr. Stupid self-striping sort-of yarn…


  3. Macoco says:

    I’m so sorry about that!!! That must be incredibly frustrating.


  4. How did you have the STRENGTH OF WILL to rip the entire thing back? It looks so stunningly beautiful in the picture.
    Hey, I think we’re in the same league in Sock Madness! Are you panicking yet? I am.


  5. Halo Askew says:

    Mom and I are getting into knitting (me for the first time, she’s relearning). When I ran across your blog and this entry, I read it to mom and we both let out big “Oh Noooooooo!”‘s. I pointed to the dark band in the photo and she yelped. We certainly feel for you! And how you managed to start over after ripping out all that beautiful work (!!) I have no idea — but I am AMAZED at your persistence. I’m adding you to my list of fave sites, by the way. Can’t wait to dig into your archives!


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