this day…

The Panopticon does it again – his witty list of the Ten ways to love a knitter are wonderfully charming and delightful – so where’s my benefactor?

The Panopticon: Ten Alternative Ways to Say \I.

Its hard being single on this day – ugh ugh ugh.

But we had a lovely (if wierd what will all the ice and sleet) snowstorm – finally more than 2 inches of snow…

Snowstorm 001

That was taken around 1 pm today.  And since then its snowed and sleeted a bit more – still coming down slowly out there (just checked).Snowstorm 004

Around noon I shoveled the sidewalk and the steps and went for a walk in the blowing windy snow and then did some grownup things like clean the kitchen and the bath and some deskwork (and well read some blogs too).

Then made Lidia’s Meat Sauce which is simmered on the stove for most of the early evening – love the smell of good sauce!  Then practiced almost three hours– Chopin and Mozart and a little Brahms (good for the soul he is).  Need a really good long session tomorrow!



ALERT – Berkshire Sister is ASKING for wool sweaters for my nephew!  hmm.  I only have the sleeves and the edging to do to finish the Tomten Jacket – but maybe will do a seamless raglan …I need a mindless knit what with my other projects

  • my Aran (Welcome Back Friend – Kathy Zimmermann)
    Back is ALMOST done – as in 5 rows away from finishing.  (photos later after the battery recharges)  Then on to the front.  I am thinking of doing the sleeves top down after sewing the shoulder, etc together – they are a simple cable pattern and it would save sewing (which I try to avoid when I can)


  • the Fireman sweater for Mr. W
    o I haven’t abandoned it.  Just need to do the charts and print them out and do the swatch again and …. well. you get the idea
  • socks. 
    my first ever! – oh dear this is nervewracking cause there are SO many patterns I like and well, I guess I just have to DIVE in.  But the yarn is GORGEOUS – these skeins of  RED (three different ones !) leapt off the shelves of my LYS (Flying Fingers) and into my arms – and well, I couldn’t disappoint them now could I  (photos later after… you know)
  • and a pair of Anne’s Delicato Mitts  (I have some Elann baby cashmere but maybe I will use one of three Red sock yarn – see above)
  • UFOs… sigh I am supposed to be going thru these – one a week; I am about four weeks behind – well, I better get a move on.  OK I need to list them first so maybe I will do that for tomorrow’s post.

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