Lincoln trivia from Mason-Dixon (the blog)

Love the humour over at Mason-Dixon Knitting blog – Ann is a southern gal after my heart and Kay, well, we give her Honorary Southern Gal status.  (and yes a Southern Gal can still admire Lincoln).  {EDITED 2–13–07]

In honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, some trivia:

1. He hated the nickname Abe.

2. Lincoln's mother and sister made all the family's clothes from buckskins and from homespun fabric made from the cotton and flax that they grew, picked, carded, spun and wove. My take away: Dress your boy in natural fibers, and someday he may save the Union.

Mason Dixon Knitting

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3 Responses to Lincoln trivia from Mason-Dixon (the blog)

  1. carrie says:

    Hi Southern Girl Knitting in the North… I just read your post on January One and have to say I know EXACTLY how you feel (see my post, a few down from yours). AND we both had a love of opera, so now that’s kinda ruined just a little bit for me too. (Every time I go I am a little sad, though it gets a little less sad each time.) So anyway, you are not alone!!!!!
    Cheers 🙂


  2. Jodee says:

    Elizabeth – Ann is the southerner and Kay is in New York. I have met Ann and she’s a sweetheart.


  3. sogalitno says:

    thanks Jodee!
    i once introduced a husband to his wife – well, they had different last names!


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