A new voice…

Southern Gal welcomes a new voice to the blogsphere – RICHARDTHETENOR.  Who in addition to teaching is a member of the wonderful Western Wind.  Many years ago, SG met Richard/s wife at a corporate law firm where they both worked – we have all come a long way from there!  And check out Cynthia’s blog – it’s a talented family!

My First Blog Entry

Today was a good day to be a musician. Western Wind, the group I sing (and teach) with, went to the Talent Unlimited High School in NYC for the first session of our annual residency program. When we started this gig (was it 6 years ago?), the students were unruly and the whole atmosphere was nerve-wracking and chaotic. By now, the kids have been civilized and drilled into receptive potential musicians by the eternal patience and inventiveness of Christian Smythe. So we had a blast working with them.

Richard’s bio (see) speaks of his love of “the parlor repertory of the Victorian era.”  We look forward to reading more about this and, well as he says under his title  ” A journal of my travels, my gigs, my enthusiasms and my rants.”

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