a joke

A piece of yarn walks into a bar and jumps up on a bar stool. 

He orders a drink, but the bartender just glares at him and says “Get lost, we don’t serve your kind in here”.

The yarn is very dejected, and walks slowly outside.

He’s sitting on the curb when a man walks by, and he says “Excuse me, sir, would you please tie me in a knot?”

The man looks doubtful and says “But won’t that hurt?”.  The yarn assures him it will be okay, and the man obliges.

Soon, a woman walks by and the yarn says “Excuse me, m’am, would you please fray my ends for me?”

The woman is skeptical and says “I’d be happy to, but won’t that be painful?”  The yarn puts her fears at ease, and she frays his ends.

Whereupon the yarn marches boldly back into the bar, jumps back up on a bar stool and orders the same drink.

The bartender looks him over and says “Hey, aren’t you that piece of yarn I threw out of here a few minutes ago?”

The yarn looks him squarely in the eyes and says “FRAYED KNOT!”

[hee hee]

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1 Response to a joke

  1. danielle says:

    That is funny….thanks


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