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Saturday. the Village Fire Engine came to Village Sister’s house for the Mr. W’s Birthday Party (to celebrate turning THREE!)

Wbf bday party 012707-066

Here’s the cake… notice the decoration!

Wbf bday party 012707-010

Unfortunately, he was a little taken aback at the size of the fire engine – but after awhile he came out and sat in the Driver’s seat and in  he crew seats – and had a good time after all.

Here are my two brothers-in-law (an uncle and the father of the birthday boy) talking with the Fire Chief – I guess little boys who want to be fireman grow up to be men who want to be firemen!

Wbf bday party 012707-051

Then there was pizza and playtime and cake and party favours. … and then the adults collapsed while the two nephews went to sleep and the baby nursed.   I went shopping (for yarn and tea) and listened to last half of Act Two and most of Act Three of MADAMA Butterfly from the MET.

Before I left at 9 am, I had set my Total Recorder for the Royal Opera’s hit FILLE DU REGIMENT with Natalie Dessay and heartthrob Juan Diego Florez (sigh).  I wasn’t able to hear it until Sunday afternoon as there were more visiting sisters here for the weekend – so we had a big family dinner that night. 

So Sunday afternoon – after a nice long lazy morning, I sat down at the computer and listened – heavenly, divine, incredibly funny – I envy everyone who had/has a chance to see that production.  I hear that it is coming to NYC and will definitely be there!

Then yesterday morning the local electrician came and did this:

   Kitchen light-13

Kitchen light-14

for this:

Kitchen light-02

And here it is after the clean up:

Kitchen light-05  Kitchen light-11

And he installed a programmable thermostat for the furnace and fixed the small chandelier in the den.  That was an interesting thing to do – its as old as the building – about 1900 – it uses a pull chain switch with a central piece containing both the connections to the electrical lines and the pull chain switch mechanism (unlike a normal chandelier with the electrical works in the box under the ceiling plate).  Anyway, it had been acting up last fall and I asked the landlord to look at it – but he said it was broken.  So I went to the internet = there was a part number and the name LEVOLIER in pretty script on the part (brass) (i didn’t take a photo and its installed now).  Anyway, after much searching I found that McGill Electrical had Levolier switches.  So I called several of the companies listed as distributors – but NO ONE had one or would help or would call back or reply to emails.  SO finally I called McGill and after a little bit of conversation and questions, the kind woman asked for my address – and in TWO DAYS I had all three parts that I thought would work.  And YES One of them fit. 

I really should write a letter to them thanking her for her help!  (although I cant imagine any of them were more then 3–5 dollars still…)

So that was a big day… I don’t know what it cost – he was here from 830 – noon – I will be getting a bill – but I had asked the main guy if we could keep the labor around 200…. so fingers crossed.

Now, I am having a big debate about the placement of the chandelier – I think I want it more centered over the workspace – about six inches closer to the window.  However I do like the plate being in the center of the room – I guess we could put a hook and swag the chain over for the chandelier to hang from… but I will see . 

Village Sister’s nanny’ husband (got that?) Martin will come and repatch the old plate (there was a HIDEOUS old two round tube fluorescent light with NO cover there) and the other two holes made in the search for the right spot.  (at least that’s what I was told…)

And then a little touch up paint and done!

The other little thing is to install a dimmer -the light calls for five 60–watt bulbs – i put in 40 watt and they are mighty bright – but I haven’t had a good light on in there since I moved in so it could be just getting used to it – but I think I do want a dimmer.  I wonder I could do that?

ps where is the snow?



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