Death of a sweater

The Ariann that was almost complete – is dead.

Ripped out and frogged and gone bye bye.


The frogging was a royal pain and now I have to go and lie down and recover from it.  more later.

=*= =*=  =*= =*= =*= =*= =*= =*= =*= =*=

ok its later… the problem was that what was supposed to be a fixing session ended up at 5 am being a frogging session – its a long story but it involved ripping the side seams of Ariann which were too tight across my hips as I had done the decreases (for waist shaping) but made the sweater longer and thus when wearing the sweater it was HUGGING way too tightly the worst part of the bod.

so all the yarn is rewound including one ball with MANY MANY two row lengths.   sigh

i think i am going to let this yarn rest for a few days before deciding whether to tackle this pattern again with more knowledge of how to do it… or go for another sweater pattern – i really like the Nantucket in the Winter IK… and had flagged it to do – I love cables and really need more of a jacket than a sweater… will swatch later and see . But first I need to finish charting a fair isle FIREMAN sweater i am designing for Mr. W my just turned three… AND finish the sleeves and do the Icord for the Tomten Jacket for the Berkshire Nephew. 

In other news I purchased this last night:

(click to see full size)

Knit Visualizer from Knit Foundry. 

I have spent many hours over the last week downloading and demoing bunches of software – and while this one is far superior in regards charting lace and stitch patterns it currently has not color charting capabilities.  HOWEVER that is added in the yet-to-be released 2.0 version – which I am awaiting anxiously! 

I charted a Saxon Braid cable chart with just the repeat only section and it was fairly easy – typing the pattern in row by row and having it be translated to chart is WAY cool! 

I am looking forward to playing, oops, using this more in the future.

hopefully I will be able to stay awake enough tonight to rechart the sweater so I can get going…


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2 Responses to Death of a sweater

  1. Macoco says:

    Oh no – I’m so sorry it turned into a frogging session!


  2. Pam says:

    I had a similar problem with Ariann and had my own frogging session. I switched to the Central Park Hoodie from Interweave and it’s going well, but Nantucket is also calling my name. Maybe it’ll be next.


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