I have fond memories of these two radio stations – I moved to Washington DC from my Southern hometown after college.  I moved there for graduate school at American University and also began my career in arts administration at two major national arts organizations of the city.   It was the FIRST large METROPOLITAN city I had ever lived in – I even sold my car (although looking back I shouldn’t have) and used public transportation – an unknown thing for those of us in the car dependent South. 

I was paid very little at both jobs but lucked out on a teeeeny one room studio with an extra large bathroom (built out into the hallway) at Dupont Circle (this is obviously before that area skyrocketed in prices and condos)  I even managed to squeeze an upright piano in there!  And was able to live on my extremely low salary for the three years I was there.  Ironically they were the best three years of my life – and I am not saying that thru rose colored glasses – they really were.    I worked hard, played hard, loved the city – its really a Southern town after all – and saw the most wonderful arts events at many places around the town – I lived two blocks from the Phillips Collection and stumbled into their Sunday afternoon recital series that first fall – and found my wonderful lovely piano teacher at that concert (she was the pianist in a duo violin piano concert).   

Anyway, WGMS and WETA at that time were in their heyday and I heard so many wonderful programs from both of them.  My Southern town had only had a “classical NPR” type radio station for a few years and I had already become addicted to NPR.  At WGMS and WETA  I was exposed to so much more besides just the straight NPR news shows.  I remember wonderful broadcasts from all over Europe and in my little studio lying on my folding sofabed (i had several versions from a flip over foam type to a more standard one later) at night listening to the radio and those wonderful programs.   

And then I moved to NYC – and well, let’s just say that my first year in NY was the WORST year of my life.   

ah, memories… its too early in the morning for this.

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