Sweater design

ok.  so Nephew #2 ‘s birthday is well. uhm. Friday (as in this Friday).  Originally wanted to give him this great Airport from Lego but well, its a big out of the budget for now.

So since his mom (the Village Sister) has recently graciously but firmly requested only MACHINE washable items – the little sweet aran that I designed and was just adding the sleeves – and ready to do them in DPts too now that i am an expert you know (after ALL those gauntlets for gifties this past xmas)– anyway its kaput.    probably to be frogged.

but anywho back to the drawing board…and in my inbox was an email with a yarn sale…off to the website (Joanne) and ordered LionBrand Wool Ease in denim and red to be for simple sweaters – but well, that didn’t last too long. 

My nephew is a FIRE ENGINE and TRUCK fanatic – he knows more trucks than I ever imagined – thanks to a book called 100 TRUCKS (who knew?)    Its been in my mind to knit a sweater with one of those motifs for awhile.  Feeling emboldened by my Fair Isle experience at Camp last summer (and the practice on hats this past summer and fall), I looked thru EZ’s Opinionated Knitter and decided on the Fair Isle sweater pattern (with EPS styling). 

Then at my computer with EXCEL after a bit of time – who’s counting – designed a little fire engine and then added a border of ladders.  Really enjoyed doing this.  no.  REALLY.DID.

Last night swatched for gauge and cast on for a body of 23 inches (so he can grow into it ;o) .   Started on the ribbing (1–1) .  Tonight will finish ribbing – i guess two inches? – and then start the pattern.    Photos tomorrow.

ps we got a SMATTERING of snow – sorry its too late to take photos.

pps – A new KAL has been formed – for the RUSSIAN PRIME sweater of Meg’s (See MEG SWANSEN”S KNITTING).  Go see. Join.  It will be fun and challenging and you will learn lots.  Truly.



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1 Response to Sweater design

  1. Macoco says:

    You designed your own fire engine pattern? That’s amazing! It sounds like it will be a great project.


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