Scarlett rises again

you know that achy-drippy nose-cough-stuffy head feeling?

yes that’s me – and its been a humdinger of a week with news of the disappointing sort:

1.  the car that the local mechanic said is great and is in my price range?  the seller is so NOT in a hurry to sell that after not calling him back for a week, she said to call back at the beginning of february.

so that means another three weeks carless AND i should start looking all over again – royal pain when you have to borrow a car to look at a car and ebay listings in my price range all seem to be hours away (well, at least 1 hour usually).

2.  one of the two remaining working cordless handsets is dying (and this model is NOT made any more , i had to search all over to find replacement handsets last summer)

so that means buying new cordless phones for my land-line. 

3.  the upstairs neighbor is pregnant and their bedroom is directly over my music room.

i dont even want to think what this means for my piano practicing/playing


that last one is the icing on the cake…

what to do?

i am going to eat a big bowl of chicken noodle soup

and then drink as much of a honey-ginger-lemon drink to soothe the throat and open those sinuses 

and watch mindless tv (well, after NEWSHOUR and WASH WEEK IN REVIEW)

and use my neti pot

and take the strongest antihestimine i have to knock me out to sleep all night 

and hopefully i can face it all tomorrow.

[where is Rhett when you need him?  sigh]

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