AS on Bush – and I agree

The Speech

10 Jan 2007 09:56 pm

The premise of the speech, and of the strategy, is that there is a national democratic government in Baghdad, defending itself against Jihadist attacks. The task, in the president’s mind, is therefore to send more troops to defend such a government. But the reality facing us each day is a starkly different one from the scenario assumed by the president. The government of which Bush speaks, to put it bluntly, does not exist. The reality illumined by the lynching of Saddam is that the Maliki government is a front for Shiite factions and dependent for its future on Shiite death squads. U.S. support for the government is not, therefore, a defense of democracy in a unified country, whatever our intentions. It is putting the lives of American soldiers in defense of the Shiite side in an increasingly brutal civil war.

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Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Dish: The Speech.

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  1. Will says:

    Here’s my take on teh speech, posted this mornng on DesignerBlog:
    Last night I watched Bozo pitch his supposedly new approach to the chaos, suffering, social, political and human disaster he’s visited on the people of Iraq, on American soldiers and their families, and the entire Middle East. His manner was startlingly and infuriatingly different. Gone was the arrogant, know-it-all swagger, the faux-jock posturing, the good ol’ boy manner. The “new” Bozo spoke simply and in a measured, explanatory tone to the American people. He admitted to having made a mistake. He proposed a new policy. He was calm and read whole, grammatically correct sentences carefully written out for him in advance. He tried with all his might not to look or sound like the real George W. Bush.
    Big effing deal. His mistake turns out to be that he hadn’t been a bigger swaggering faux-jock know-it-all earlier by making an even bigger war with a larger American presence. The “new policy” is more of the failed old policy, just delivered by a supposedly kinder, gentler, compassionately conservative good ol’ boy. Against all reason, against all the advice he’s been given, against the clear wishes of the American people as expressed in the late fall elections, the pig-headed screw up is sending more troops to Iraq. There will be more of an occupation imposed on the country, there will be more deaths, more provocation to the resistance that wasn’t part of Al Qaeda until we meddled in their weapons-free country. As the old expression has it, same old fecal matter in a different but maddeningly familiar package. It stunk the day he went into Iraq and it stinks now.


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