ok long time, i know!

wellll. at 930 am on Saturday the 23rd, my sister called SCREAMING into the phone that she was in labor (she was due on jan 8th)

i threw clothes on and went to her house – she and her husband drove like bats out of hell – her contractions were a MINUTE apart at that point and they made it to the hospital only to have the baby


all by herself she CAUGHT.THE.BABY! and then the doors opened and they laid her on the floor and handed the dad the scissors to cut the umbilical cord. 


can’t beat that for beating out Christmas (they are jewish though so, it was my Christmas = oh well, anyway).

Mom and baby Lucien came home on the 25th – i was over at her house 12-15 hours each sat and sun – and spent monday exhaustedly lying and sleeping many hours on the sofa –

here are the things that DID NOT get done for Christmas:

1.  Final mailing of packages (as in none of my family got their HAND MADE presents).  (Sat)

2.  Baking for the neighbors and the mailman and UPS guy. (Sunday all day)

3.  Wrapping of presents. (sat morn)

4.  Decorating of Tree (sat night)

(my binlaw is jewish and she converted so they dont have any christmas stuff to do )

life is pretty upside down right now – it sure don’t feel like christmas BUT WHO CARES!??  look at this face!  I am in love!

Lucien sml 12-24-06


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1 Response to ok long time, i know!

  1. Will says:

    Congratulations, Auntie Sogalitno! What a lovely holiday present to you, your sister and brother-in-law.
    And a happy, healthy 2007 to you all!


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