These last few days have been all about decorating and preparation – here is a link to my other blog with all the news about the decorating (outside) and the dilemma of how to decorate inside.

SO onto knitting . 

Knitting for BabyFinally decided what to make for a shower present (my sister) this sunday – yeah thats right.  This.Sunday.  I have a baby blanket already made, but wanted to add a sweater – found a cable cardigan pattern in the KNITTING FOR BABY book by Falick and Nicholas.  Theirs is knit in cashmere and in separate pieces.   So of course I am knitting it in the round with a steek for the front (the band is added at the end in their pattern as well).  And will steek the armholes. So other than THOSE changes …it should be fine.  Went stash shopping and found a gorgeous kelly green Rowan 4ply wool yarn that was languishing as a shawl and ripped it back (only about 10 inches). 

STOP THE PRESSES – I actually knit a GAUGE SWATCH!  yes, I am amazed too.  But you know, I dont have a lot of time for mistakes – and guess what – i got gauge and i was even a needle size up already (5 instead of 4).  So i cast on last night (I am making the 6 mo size ) and got about an inch done before I started falling asleep . 

Today I woke up late and feeling punky – queasy and icky – and it didnt go away all day – so i ended up doing lots of computer stuff – emails, cleaning up inbox, a lot of little stuff (updating some programs) and tried the new online version of my bank – ARGH NO MORE direct connect from QUICKEN and the qfx file is not recognising the current account – wants to create a new one.  So will deal with that another day – i am not in the mood today.  BUT its a MAJOR.ANNOYANCE.

anyway, off to make some sausage and risotto for supper – somehow, my appetite is not affected with whatever this is just my energy and feeling lousy.  Tomorrow its supposed to be really rainy.  Good day to do a lot of knitting in between practicing and housework.  And to stay indoors.


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