From  Mambocat's Knitting Asylum a trip down MEMORY LANE

What with it being Halloween and all, I decided to regale you with a Very Old Object that has been raised from the dead.

During the course of the repair work on Mom's house in New Orleans, what to my wondering eyes should appear from the depths of a closet but the very first sweater I ever knitted for her, way back a life and a half ago.

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Sending me down the LANE…

Wow mother love is incredible non?

i wish i still had any of the items i attempted to knit at 10 in baton rouge when my grandmother taught me. somehow nothing survived .

Interestingly enough my first sweater ever was a cable VOGUE creation in the 80s = i didnt know enough to know i couldnt do it.  It was in a heavy gray wool from a knitting shop near Dupont Circle.  I hung on to it for years after I grew and it didnt (!).  Eventually only gave it up when it had become a "bed" for my elder cats and then had to reluctantly throw it out when mice got into it. sigh.

But I saved the hat!   It is amazing looking at it – I do remember knitting it up in that very small one room studio apt (and I mean SMALL) right off of Dupont Circle where I was living while going to Graduate School and Working to pay the bills.  

My grandmother had died several months right after I had moved to Washington, so i was knitting it without her earthly guidance but I do believe she must have been guiding me in my efforts. I learned a hell of a lot with that sweater – one of these days I want to find that pattern and remake it.

Over the years I have received several of the sweaters she made – they are incredibly gorgeous – handsewn linings and crocheted flowers – and treasure them especially now that I have returned to the fold.  (photos to be put here soon)

What I would love to ask her (amongst many other questions) is how a south Louisiana girl learned to knit in the Continental Style – which was so uncommon in those days.  I wonder if one of the nuns at Sacred Heart in New Orleans taught her?  After all the order came over from France… hmm. 

Interestingly the crafts bug skipped her children but rested firmly in several of her grandchildren – many of us are crafty or technically handy (i have two cousins who have those jobs where they have to “kill you” if they tell you  and one who works at M#$%Soft. ) My other female eldest cousin was a GORGEOUS seamstress – quite professional in fact.

hmm. monday morning ruminations.


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