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Attic Salt for October 15
Gardens a source of endless fascination
Advocate columnist
Published: Oct 15, 2006

A friend, who’s not a gardener, once told me, “I know when you’re hard up for a column because you end up writing about gardening.”

Only someone who doesn’t garden would say such a thing. Gardeners would write about nothing but if they could get away with it. Gardens are sources of endless fascination for the people who tend them.

Perhaps, you’ve seen a spouse or a parent standing at one end of his or her garden, cup of coffee in hand. They last looked at that particular row of beans or cut flowers the previous morning, but there they stand in almost worshipful posture to look for the slightest new growth, signs of bugs or, in my neighborhood, the telltale work of an armadillo.

Armadillos are after the white grub worms that get turned up in freshly worked dirt. Armadillos seem to almost cultivate a planted row, carefully lifting plants out of the ground with their noses as they plow for late-night dinner or predawn breakfast.

I replanted lettuce starts this morning after an armadillo worked the row over during the night.

Gardeners know to the tiniest detail what’s going on in their plots. Here is a domain that men and women may control to the extent that bugs, animals and the weather will let them. Success or failure comes by the gardener’s hand and industry.

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