weekend knitting (adventures in design)

I have joined a bunch of KALs recently – the Ariann and the RED Sweater Kals both are served by my Red Ariann (!).  And it is going fine – I am up to the last increase – and will probably knit a few more inches (i like long sweaters).  But the other one is the ZImmermania KAL and so of course … a new WIP is born.

I was all excited to design a sweater for my younger nephew (two and a  HALF) … i studied the EZ books and decided to use EPS as the base.  Probably will steek the sleeves.  His current best sweater is 11.5 across, so thats 23 around right?

On Friday, started out with a simple stockinette body and seed stitch border – but my gauge was way off.  So a visit to the frog pond for that.  Oh, I am using some EBAY stash – Lambs Pride Wool in gorgeous Bright Blue (if it looks familiar yes, it is the same as the shrug (which is STILL drying – i thought the low humidity and chilly weather would make it faster but its now three days!) anyway, so i have a few skeins left over and its a great blue – not baby blue or pale or anything like that.

So Saturday night, back to my (new) design notepad – and decided i was bored with plain st stitch so i would use some of my fav cables (celtic braid and XOs).   Recalculated with new K based on the gauge of the st stitch (foreshadowing!) and blithely cast on for border (Seed St) with 10% of K.  Then increased the requisite number of stitches in the set up row and merrily i went with the cables – after a bunch of time, look to see about 6 inches; but hmm, looks a little narrow – but the other one looked fine and was three inches too big.  so off to bed.

Later on Sunday afternoon – after some chores, etc took out the sweater and the measuring tape (glad i didnt do this Sat night!).

and ….


OPPS.  NINE INCHES!  WTF happened!  (remember i need at least 11.5)


BIG sigh as I remember reading in , probably, Janet Szabo’s blog or newsletter TWISTS AND TURNS  that cables pull IN the knitting fabric – oh dear. well at least its a smallish sweater. *

so back to the Frog pond we go [hey, its getting too chilly for this!]


To soothe my distress – a fit, er BIT of baking always helps.


Whole Wheat Scones with blueberries (from Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book )

And then, last night, after much time with the Calc program on my computer and TRIPLE checking numbers AND the NEW CABLE GAUGE, cast on for a new K-10% for the border of seed stitch and worked the cables – and this time there is a section of seed stitch on either side of the “Phoney Seams”.

*[ahem, i realize i should have swatched – but well…. oh, well, i dont have an excuse.just sheer silliness i guess ]




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