Lots of update!

Lots of progress over the last week !

For the KAL for ChicKnits ARIANN, found some gorgeous RIO RED Classic Elite Inca Alpaca and cast on over the weekend and am into the increases.  A bit of a momentary lull while deciding which kind of buttonhole to do – Ms. Chicknits leaves the choice to the knitter- and after much research online and – the old fashioned way – in my own books, decided to use the yarnover, K2tog one as mentioned in EZ’s Knitters Almanac (and i am sure other places as well – its a good classic buttonhole – i just started with EZ’s books).  Am pleased with how it looks (i guess i will take a photo ;o).

Here is the current progress being looked on with much interest by my “helpers” Cordelia (L) and Katie (R).




Blocked the bottom point of the Flower Basket Shawl (see previous entries).  Decided to try my new toy (well, i hadnt used it yet – bought it awhile ago) – my Sunbeam Steamer.  It worked fine and of course was of much interest to the cats. 




Monday and Tuesday had finished the Cabled Shrug.  Hadnt realized that the last step was to knit separate 5 st cable strips and then SEW them onto the short ends of the shrug – to finish off the sleeve with the same cable as the long edges – its a great idea – just surprised me when i actually read thru to the end of the pattern!  anyway, they were done.


And then I sewed up the sleeves (only about 10inches in) and blocked it with the steamer – but its pretty thick wool and since its been marinating in my WIPs pile for many months, I decided while trying to go to sleep last night that it really needs to be washed.  Luckily the weather changed from 85% humidity this morning with cloudy rainy skies and 75degrees to 55degrees and 50% humidity this afternoon and its supposed to be in the 40s tonight with 60/40 for the next few days – can it be that FALL is finally here?  no color yet on the trees in my backyard – but it should be soon !

(You will note that the sofa is not covered yet – i got an estimate of over $350 to make a slipcover and i have the fabric! So I may be branching out into upholstery soon!)

Here is the bathroom mirror shot of the completed (but not washed yet) shrug– will be posting more photos to the Finished Projects album shortly.


and here’s Katie resting amongst the day’s work.


oh and the latest on the THINK PINK Scarf.


hmm, when is Oct 15th?  yikes!

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1 Response to Lots of update!

  1. Laura says:

    Red yarn: yummy.
    Kitties: adorable.
    Flower basket shawl: fabulous.
    Shrug: Wow! Love those cables. 🙂


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