Think Pink Challenge!

I just found this while surfing blogs  From Sydney Thomas:
“The 1st Annual Think Pink Challenge. Here are the parameters:

A pink scarf (knit or crochet) in the pattern of your choice, using the yarn(s) of your choice.

At least one, but prayerfully, as many as you can between now and the end of September (more details to follow). Imagine if each of us committed to just one scarf a month between now and September! And of course, be sure to tell as many knitters about this as you can… the more the merrier!

Please send the scarves to me and I will arrange to have them sent to the American Cancer Society in time for their October Awareness drive. Besides, by sending them to me, I can have that photograph of the pink mountain taken and posted here! :)  Please be sure to include your name, address and e-mail address with your scarf!

Sydney Thomas
Soulful Knitting Ministries
c/o Grace Bay Publishing
PO Box 383
Sutherland VA 23885

UPDATE The Deadline has been extended for those of us just finding out.  More from Sydney’s Blog:
First, because I've gotten so many requests from people who have just found out about this project but would still like to participate, I've decided to extend the deadline to October 15th. Please try to get all your scarves to me by that date. 

Second, several people have asked about making this either an on-going or an annual event. The original intent was a one-time thing, but if people are interested in sending in an occasional pink scarf throughout the year, who am I to discourage that? So… please let me know what you think… enough is enough, let's keep it going or an annual event is great.  Again, thanks to everyone who is helping make this effort a success. I know a lot of women will be blessed by your generosity. “

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