ok so I've been away a bit.    here's one reason why….

The Metropolitan Opera Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio

All Opera All the Time = so one question – when do i sleep?  It was opening night on Monday – so I was glued to my computer– and what did I do to justify that seattime – created a database for my dvd collection – which i am finally getting in order (yes, MO strikes again).  I got thru the entire box of Mysteries (I love a good British Mystery or even a bad one.)  I will not embarrass myself by saying how many are in the box … but – ahem its less than 200 and more than 50.

Besides that –yesterday, continuing in the last laps of the Mission Organization project, sorted thru the chest of drawers (need to go  thru again to clear out a drawer for my “everyday/play clothes”) and pulled all the sweaters and boxes of sweaters from the overthecloset shelves – the closet is built into the wall, all along one end of the bedroom (don’t get excited its only about 8 feet long but it is about 10 feet tall).  And all the sweaters are in various piles in the music room – and a huge load in the wash (just finished).  Spent an hour or so de-piling a very favorite sweater – boy those Sweater Stones really work!   Of course, i was not paying attention and ended up with enough fuzz to … well anyway – next time I will do this de–piling chore OUTside. But MAN it worked  – sweater restored! yeah!

So now I am washing and cleaning all the sweaters and then they get packed in nice new sweater bags (with zippers and lavender chips) and then stacked on the shelves – and for the first time ever I will be able to SEE my sweaters and have a nice clean place to put them.  Yeah!

And then, well, the dreaded basement storage area – but we are being blessed with really GREAT weather this week – really cool and chilly at night – and so except for my blasted allergies (grass and ragweed really do me in and that’s what’s around right now) Its a good time to do some more clearing out.  ok I am going to pull a Scarlet on that one for tonight.

In other news …look what arrived today!


New CUSHIONS for the sofa!  YAHOO.  and well, they are firm but I.LIKE.THEM. (and they will last longer).

Here’s a staged photo with all the pillows, shawls, throws etc.


So today I will attempt a slipcover/throw of some kind – ideas have been percolating on the back burners of my brain – so we will see what we will see .

My nephew has started SCHOOL (OMIGOD) they are having shorter classes this week to let everyone get used to it.  SO today he will be coming by after (this is the SECOND day) to have a little snack and tell me all about it – i live around the corner – yes, about one and a half blocks – from the school.  So I will make some banana blueberry bread for us to eat on the patio.  Can’t wait to hear all about it!  Next week they have a full morning (two days a week).

knitting news.

not much progress on WOM – Tuesday I blocked out a lace poncho – this is the first blocking I have done in this new apt.  I had had my carpenter get me some foam board last winter – i had cut it up into storable pieces – so yesterday was the first time i had tried to use them.

I started out pinning and blocking on the patio table:


But then I got worried that maybe birdies or other little critters would do things to it over night.  So I carried it inside and well… it didnt really work leaning it up against the bookcases in the hallway.  So I cleared off the clothes from the piano (see beginning of email). and then realized that I really should use Blocking Wires for the long edge.  So I reblocked all the edges.


and for nothing here is another shot – i just love how it looks!


oh uh just went to check on the status and found one of my cats ‘helping’ the blocking – but i didn’t have my camera.  but here is a shot of her in her basket in the den. (Katie is her name).




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