Search over – Shawl saved! and MO update


Cordelia and Baby Silk in the Kitchen

As you can see from the photo above, thanks to a wonderful woman in Washington, DC I now have a bag of 10 skeins to help finish my Wing of the Moth Shawl.  Thanks so much Liz!

Once I had exchanged emails and realized I would be able to complete the shawl, I have continued working on the Twin Leaf section – not much exciting progress but here it is anyway.


The most work this week has been on the final stages of the MISSION ORGANIZATION project – you can see some of the results in that photo – the cleared off counter in the kitchen and moving my fav cookbooks up on the end of the counter .  Much clearing out of old items and cleaning shelves, etc.

In the Den – where most of the knitting takes place – I have been battling with my dear older cat, Cordelia (in the top photo) and a particular problem for many cat owners – peeing on the sofa.    Its not really her fault – I had the sofa before Cordelia – with my previous two cats – both whom died.  When the elder of those two, Emma, got her final illness; she had incontinence issues and therefore the sofa was scarred.  I had it cleaned and I was immune to any residual smell.  But apparently Cordelia wasnt.  So its been a constant issue with us.  If I keep her litter box IMMACULATE then its ok – but let things pile up (shall we say) and wham, there is the spot on the sofa – interestingly only in one area – right in the center in the middle between the two cushions.

I can’t afford a new sofa right now and even Craig’s list was not yielding anything – the real problem was that i love the design of this sofa – so i kept taking the cushions out and spraying them with all manners of cleaners and bleach/vinegar, baking soda/peroxide combos but nothing really worked and besides the cushions were pretty splotchy anyway and the upholstery was being eaten away by all the stuff! 

So after yet another unsuccessful search for a used sofa last weekend – i had a BRAINSTORM  – and after a bit of research found a website for FOAM CUSHIONS!  Actually there were two I had narrowed my research to = and I chose to go with one that had lower prices – I could get their highest quality and firmness foam for less than the other one. 

Last Monday, I put all four cushions on the curb for the garbage pickup!  And I ordered two seat cushions and two back cushions and even a new cushion for my desk chair (which is wood and even with TWO chair pillows is very uncomfortable after several hours).    After a bit of emailing the cushions are on their way TODAY!! and I will get them on Tuesday! 

I changed the thickness of the back cushions from 5 inches to 3 inches so that I can more comfortably use some of the throw pillows i have made with coordinating fabrics.   I have material for a new slipcover for the sofa that I had purchased years ago when I redid my Living Room in the Park Slope apt and had not completed (due to the sick cats and then loss of interest i guess).  So I will work on the slipcover this weekend and then can make the cushion covers when they arrive!

Until then I get to sit on the bare bones of the sofa bed – but its worth it to get an almost new sofa!   Here’s what it looks like now with the old sofa cushions gone away and my throw pillows. 


Those are pillows that I made out of a great tapestry piece that was too small to cover the whole sofa but enough for two big pillows and two smaller ones (they are arranged in the corners behind the others.  The new slipcover and cushions will be out of the purply material (its a damask paisley type fabric) of the pillows on the right. and of the material on the arms (trying it out you know).

My sister reported that she could tell the minute she walked in the room – “it smells so clean in here now” (hmm, makes you wonder how inured we get to our own place’s smells!)

ok.  off to research how to make a slipcover! 


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