books (buying and keeping)

The Panopticon has a great post today that is inspiring as to how and why we collect books – as reference – and magazines which promote “necessary” accroutrements for our hobbies, houses – lives.

See what he wrote:

Zen for Sale
The Book Impulse runs strong in my family. When we develop a new interest, there is always a corresponding rush to the bookshop. This is why a year ago I had one knitting book, and now have about forty. And why eight months ago I had one book on Buddhism, and now have half a shelf.

The Panopticon: Zen for Sale.

His post struck me as i do the same thing – dont know where it comes from as neither parent did this – they bought normal old fiction books.  maybe cause there are more books out there now?  and as for magazines – yikes you can find a magazine for buttons these days for heavens sake!

When i came back to knitting – when i picked up knitting i was young and poor and in tiny apartments, after a bit of a hiatus when i started again, i was not as poor and in not as tiny an apt – so i went from three knitting books to – uhm, well, i dont really know how many.  One bookcase is just books, and one is magazines.   And thats not counting the gardening and music books – aiee don’t even ask about music.  You know musicians are JUST as bad as knitters and gardeners when it comes to books – we can ALWAYS justify buying a score (and no, I am not telling you how many bookcases of music there are, really. and anyway, i know musicians who have lots more than i do)

oh well, i know i will never win the "i have the least amount of things" contest.


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