I love Wagner operas (he wrote a bunch of operas – including the RING (four over 16 hours).  So I have been glued to my computer and desk for two nights and two afternoons since Tuesday listening and recording the LIVE Webstream of the FIRST EVER RING presented in Canada – by the Canadian Opera Company. 

Not much to do with knitting except the NORNS spin the Rope of Fate in the first scene of the last opera, GOTTERDAMERUNG.

Three Norns spin the Rope of Fate, which binds the past, present and future. They recall when a young Wotan visited the World Ash Tree, seeking wisdom from the well beneath the tree. He paid with the loss of an eye, and took as his reward a spear broken from the tree itself, upon which he inscribed his contract with Nature. When the spear shattered, the well dried up and the tree withered and died. Wotan's warriors have chopped down the tree and gathered the wood around Valhalla. Wotan will soon set the world aflame. As they wonder what will happen next, the Rope frays and breaks. Their power gone, they descend into the earth in search of their mother, the earth goddess Erda. As dawn breaks, Siegfried sets out from his home in search of adventure. Brünnhilde bids him a loving farewell. As he departs, Siegfried gives Brünnhilde the Ring.

The RING is an incredible experience – I have seen it TWICE at the Metropolitan Opera and its unbelievable to sit and hear in an opera house.  Of course, a diehard fan needs to experience it at Bayreuth (where Wagner built an opera house JUST for this!)   Since the advent of webstreaming by radio stations – including abroad – I have for the past several years been able to hear the LIVE webcast of the RING from Bayreuth each summer. 

This Canadian RING has been perfect timing for my MISSION ORGANIZATION project.  Happy to report that much progress is being made.  Still have two boxes in the study to go thru – and then the magazines to resort and organize into magazine boxes.  And then I get to start on the Yarn Inventory project – including UFOs which I am going to be ruthless about ripping . 

Wing of the Moth Shawl progress:  not so much cause I am facing the dilemma of running out of yarn.  I really dont want to add another color and am not sure I have enough to even fudge like the designer did. 

So I am going to procrastinate and… 

One thing I really want is a RED shawl – a really warm pretty one – and as I have a very special bday coming I may treat myself and find some cashmere.    Not that I can afford it right now – still hassling with insurance company and not receiving any income since April.  sigh.  There is a point when this becomes a test of who can hold out the longest and its a ROYAL pain.


Brunhilde is just starting her last scene before the end of the last opera.  Gotta go and listen (its pretty amazing music!)


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